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Ben Linz

Speaker at Speakers' Corner

Hej, I'm Ben, student of Human Computer Interaction @University of Siegen, Germany. I formerly studied Serious Games @University of Skövde, Sweden.
I'm pretty much into User Experience (Design) and all facets of games from game studies, over the development of analog/digital ones till user research and the actual playing experience. Currently, I do research regarding UX maturity in indie game studios.
Together with my friend & colleague Philip Weber, I'm hosting a German-speaking podcast called Spielsinn (could be literally translated to 'game sense'). In this podcast, we discuss various topics on gamification, (game) user experience and (game) design. We're interested in the meaning & impact of games & motivational systems on their user(s) as well as what design choices have been made and their effects on motivation.

As a Game UX enthusiast, at PLAY20, I'd like to share some insights into this nebulous term of "game user experience" by giving examples of the Mario Kart franchise using the GUX framework suggested by Celia Hodent. Therefore, I give a talk at Speakers' Corner slot on Thursday, November 5th 13:00-14:00 CET. The live talk will be held in German, but I'll make an English version of it available on the Spielsinn YouTube Channel.

You can find me in the PLAY20 Discord channel by my name and the username @hy4rion.
I'm looking forward to meeting and talking to you.